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The Detox Every Single Person Should Do (hint...less sugar).

For the most part, detox diets are a means to help people part with their money.

Whether it's cleanse diets or magical pills that clean out the body, somebody is selling you something and getting rich. Guess what? The liver is an organ we all have, and its job is to remove unwanted toxins from the body. No need for an expensive detox diet.

So what kind of detox are we suggesting? Read on...

There is one substance we all need to survive. It tastes so good. A few centuries ago, it was rare and expensive. Today, it's so cheap and abundant, that food manufacturers add it liberally to too many products. 

If you haven't already guessed, we're talking about sugar. Every cell in our body needs glucose (a sugar molecule) as an energy source. Without glucose, the body shuts down. The problem, of course, happens when we overload ourselves with so much of a good thing that it becomes a toxin. Unfortunately, our bodies are wired to crave sugar, and the more we consume, the more we want. a vicious cycle.

There is so much sugar in the food we eat these days, that our taste buds have been hijacked.

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