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Im definitely not the only one who is fat!

Im definitely not the only one who is fat!

One day I stopped and looked in the mirror at my body and I was disgusted with what I saw. The outside didn’t except the image of what I was on the inside. What other so I wasn’t the true me when I was in third grade, my father told me that you can judge another by the condition of their shoes. We try to say was that people are judged by the physical appearance and condition of their body. Your body is like a billboard that markets you.

because I didn’t have a perfect body, I constantly had beaten up on myself. I wasn’t happy with my cat legs double chin and round face. I couldn’t see below my waist!

People told me that I should lose weight or give my diet books. I would hold my belly like Santa and tell him that it was the only possession I own that was paid for. They put laugh and then leave me alone.

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