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"A Simple Diet for Real People to Follow"

Dr. "Slim" Fox
Meet Dr. "Slim" Fox


I wrote this book from the viewpoint of you the dieter, that has seldom, if ever, been addressed. I tell all from the perspective of having been overweight myself. I know how you feel and the thought process that you go through in the struggle to lose weight  and keep it off.

The book is simple to follow, informative and a fast, fun read. I disclose the first time in history secret of decrease hunger in the first two weeks of withdrawals; the number one failure of many diets!

No Meals to Buy


Simple food to cook with no complex recipes. And, if you need to, you can eat at restaurants. There's even a chapter on restaurants ... where to eat and how to order easily.

No need to measure calories and carbs. Measure is done simply with your hand. Wow!

Healthy foods being cooked
Apples, Green beans, apple sauce
Includes 37 Reasons Why Your Last Diet Failed


Did you know that one teaspoon of salt is 620 milligrams of sodium and that if you eat more than this per day, it is very hard to lose weight? There's an entire chapter on sodium so easy to read that first graders even understand sodium after reading it.


Did you know a bowl of seedless grapes will ruin a diet for a week? Six raisins or six grapes have the same carbs or sugar as an apple. Yes, there's a chapter on fruits and sweets.

Diet Book - Ft Lauderdale Beach Diet
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