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This isn’t your typical diet book at the bookstore

This isn’t your typical diet book at the bookstore

How many diet books on the market today have you follow the diet and expect you to figure out how to use it. That’s not what this diet book is about. It’s not a book full of recipes and pretty photos of meals that you’ll never cook. It doesn’t contain complex words, but one that simple, easy to use and works. It’s about real day today life of what it’s like as a real fat person.

I was that fat person who wanted to lose weight. I dug up real facts about the food groups in shifted through books about diets and other complex data as bio chemistry. Bio chemistry is the study of chemicals of live organs and the changes that occur to those chemicals inside those organisms.

I discovered what worked and what didn’t and then water down all the data into an easy to use dieters manual. Yes, I set a dieters manual. It seems that most die authors today are in capable of showing the reader how to confront the fax and become educated about what your body needs before, during and after a diet.

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